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What is gut health?

A healthy gut goes hand-in-hand with a healthy body. That’s because our gut is responsible for essential body functions like digestion and nutrient absorption.

Within your gut are trillions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Together, they make up something called the gut microbiome. Most of the bacteria in your gut microbiome are friendly. These friendly bacteria break food down into nutrients. They also help keep the “bad” bacteria in check. When you have balanced levels of bacteria in your gut, you have a balanced microbiome.

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How can I support my gut health while on weight loss medications?

As mentioned earlier, proper levels of friendly bacteria help maintain a balanced gut microbiome. You can support the levels of friendly bacteria within the gut with certain foods or supplements that contain probiotics and prebiotics.

Probiotics help balance the gut microbiome by adding friendly bacteria similar to those already in your gut. They are typically found in foods like yogurt or fermented vegetables (think kimchi or sauerkraut). You could also add a probiotic supplement.

Prebiotics help encourage the growth of good bacteria in your gut. Prebiotics are a type of fiber that is found in foods like beans, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. A good rule of thumb for women is to have 25-28 grams of fiber, including prebiotic fiber, each day. That may sound like a lot—especially when you’re not feeling hungry. But there are convenient options, like fiber supplements, that can make it easier to achieve this goal.

You can also support gut health by consuming probiotics and prebiotics at the same time. For example, simply eat a cup of yogurt with a banana.

As you continue on your weight loss journey, be good to your gut by including the right nutritional support.

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